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Dec 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
world foreign policy-making for nations. but as i mentioned, face time between world leaders is always beneficial if you can do it the right way. but we view cuba as our enemy, this is not the time for president obama to be embracing him. nelson mandela was great friends with bill clinton and barack obama and he was friends with gaddafi and castro. he's like the man of the year, nelson mandela, the time of all this global strife he still has a role as healing agent, bringing different people together on stage. >> and that's in fact something that mandela's former personal assistant said, tomorrow people should all be honoring their relationship with madiba, if it means shaking hands with the enemy, yes, i would like to see that. that is what nelson mandela was and is bringing people together despite their differences. i guess that's the point is what could be more of a tribute to nelson mandela than people who'd normally would not talk, talking, and i'm not saying they have to be embracing or back slapping or even smiling, but talking. that would, i, might argue, be the greatest tribut
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
america's strength in the world, are we as respected or feared around the world? and a lot of republicans would say no. and you know, this is the argument that -- >> the north koreans have been doing this under george w. bush and barack obama. this -- >> this -- >> how do you demonstrate strength with a regime with nuclear devices? what are you going to do? strength sounds good but it's -- >> the best way to get rid of this regime, which is just pure evil, the most evil regime on earth and of the last century is going to be that china has to decide they want north korea to fall. unfortunately the increasing cold war tension between the united states and china will make china cling to north korea over more and give the regime more of an insurance policy. >> i just feel for the family of this man. >> is there any encouragement that in the statement there was something about that if released to the united states, he would speak the truth? were they showing their hand there? governor richardson? >> no. i -- this is a pattern of the north koreans. they make some of these prisoners
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
obama for his signature. >>> america and british spies have infiltrated "world war craft" and others according to the new documents released. it has more than 7 million subscribers. >>> princeton university has started vaccinating thousands of students to try to stop an outbreak of meningitis b. the cdc is allowing limited use of the vaccine at princeton where eight people have fallen ill. >>> scientists have extracted the oldest human known dna from bones find in northern spain. the 400,000-year-old remains belong to an early human light species that could be an ance ancestor of both neanderthals. really a fascinating find there. >> we should all look so good at 400,000 years old. >> it will make you feel young. >> i feel so young. >>> coming up next, crime and punishment and a horrible end to a honeymoon. however this murder trial comes out, just getting under way. the bride that is accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. details straight ahead. now back to anderson. >> also have more from south africa. my conversation with david turnley a pulletszer prize winning photographer.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3